Cook & Dine Evening

For groups of up to 6 persons (Cooking) plus guests.

For budding chefs or just for those wishes to have a fun sociable evening with family/friends with others joining later to sample the culinary efforts.

A menu of 6 dishes is prepared by the group under the expertise of our professional chef, who will guide you through the techniques to create a stunning 6 course meal. The wine is bound to flow as you are joined at the table by your friends to enjoy your new found culinary creative skills.

Come Dine With Me Competition

At Lympne Castle we have great facilities to run a competition between friends, each cooking and serving their own menu in whatever style they choose. By all using the same kitchen it creates a level playing field so that you can concentrate on scoring the ambience they create, and the food that they serve.

Our qualified chef is on hand to offer advice – but the work is all your own! You could hold it in a single evening or a number of nights over a number of weeks, your choice.

For ideas and to book call us.